155. RAIN (1932-USA). With JOAN CRAWFORD, WALTER HUSTON, WILLIAM GARGAN, GUY K1BBEE, BEULAH BONDI, WALTER CATLETT. Screenplay by MAXWELL ANDERSON, based on the story by W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM. Music by ALFRED NEWMAN. Directed by LEWISM1LESTONE. The incomparable Joan Crawford, in one Of her most electrifying roles: Sadie Thompson, the sexy siren with a mysterious past and an all too-obvious present. Maugham’s classic story Of Sadie’s stopover in Pago Pago, her dalliance with some American Marines, and her dramatic battles with the fire-and-brimstone missionary. Reverend Davidson, is realized with genius by Lewis Milestone. From the montage Of close-ups introducing Sadie-a jewelry-laden hand clutching a beaded curtain; brief glimpses Of legs and high heels: an undulating body; a sultry face with heavy eye makeup, and with lipstick so vivid you could almost see its redness even though the film is in black and white-it’s immediately clear that this lady is not to be taken lightly! With the rhythms Of the ÒSt. Louis BluesÓ beating in the background, the sOft, glistening photography and sinuous camera movements, and, above all, the incessant pounding Of rain, the film’s atmosphere is literally dripping with sensuality. Davidson does manage to transform Sadie into a freshly scrubbed woman determined to atone for her sins, but even he succumbs (fatally) to her compelling charms. The story was filmed three other times-with Gloria Swanson (in the silent era), Shelley Winters, and Rita Hayworth (in 3D, no less)Ñbut this is the most powerful version, and Crawford is the definitive Miss Sadie Thompson. 76 minutes. Drama