Ranger And The Lady, The

2824. THE RANGER and THE LADY (1940-USA). With ROY ROGERS, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, JACQUELINE WELLS (JULIE BISHOP), YAKIMA CANUTT. The Ranger is Captain Colt and he is played by Roy Rogers, everybody’s favorite cowboy movie hero. The Lady is a very determined young woman named Jane Tabor. In this fast- paced and exciting western drama, Jane is traveling west via wagon train along the Santa Fe Trail. General Sam Houston is the President of the Republic of Texas. He is away on business in Washington and in his absence has placed General LaRue in charge. LaRue is the head of the Texas Rangers and he has ordered his men to collect a toll from all wagon trains as they enter the Republic. Jane is determined to travel out of her way to avoid paying the fee. General LaRue was responsible for the death of her father. Captain Colt and his pal Sergeant “Gabby” Whittaker (played by you-know-who) are Texas Rangers who challenge General LaRue’s authority, LaRue tells them that the Texas treasury is dry and funds must be raised to fill it. However, you just know that the General is pocketing the fees, as well as concocting a devious scheme to usurp Sam Houston and seize total power in the Republic. “I’m going to build an empire,” he proclaims. “I need money.” That sounds familiar. 53 minutes. Western