Rangers Take Over, The

90. THE RANGERS TAKE OVER (1943-usa). With Dave (Tex) OÕBrien, Jim Newill, Iris Meredith, the Rhythm Rangers. Ride, fight, shoot and sing along with the two-fisted, fun-loving Texas Rangers. The Rangers do indeed take over, waging all-out war on the ruthless rustlers who’ve been smuggling horses across the border. A young man, Tex, joins the Rangers to serve under his father, whom he hasnÕt seen in years. But dad – a tough captain who goes strictly by the rules-kicks Tex out of the regiment for making a single mistake. In defiance, Tex joins the very rustlers the Rangers have been trying to capture! He enjoys the life of an outlaw, but when the bad guys kidnap his father, Tex must make a life-and-death choice between good and evil. This spirited generation-gap adventure has some vigorous action, good musical interludes and pleasant comic relief. The latter is provided by “Panhandle PeteÓ whose painless panacea snake oil proves disastrous as medicine (It nearly burns off a soldier’s feet) but an absolute necessity in torturing the enemy into unconditional surrender. The star, Dave (Tex) O’Brien, was the likable Western favorite who achieved greater fame as the set-upon hero of Pete Smith’s Specialties. 56 minutes. Western