Return Of Bing And Jimmy, The

2033. THE RETURN OF BING AND JIMMY (1954,1955-usA).
1. THE BING CROSBY SHOW (1954). CBS-W net. Sponsored by General Electric. A pilot show with tunes by Bing plus a visit by guest Jack Benny and his “date” Sheree North who have come to watch Bing film the show. Ken Carpenter, John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, Buddy Cole and the rest of Bing’s gang appear. An excellent show with Bing at his best, a shame this program was never telecast.
2. THE JIMMY DURANTE SHOW (1955). NBC-TV net. Sponsored by Texaco. Live, from The Desert Inn, Las Vegas. With Jimmy and his guests George Raft, Peter Lawford, Johnny Ray, Liberace, and Eddie Jackson. A live night club show, Vegas-style with lots of showgirls and celebrities. 56 minutes total. Live TV Variety