Return Of Rin Tin Tin, The

2683. THE RETURN OF RIN TIN TIN (1947-USA) COLOR. With RIN TIN TIN III, DONALD WOODS, BOBBY (ROBERT) BLAKE. The entire family will be drawn to this heartwarming story of a loving bond between a boy and a dog. Young Paul is a European orphan whose faith has been jolted by the atrocities of war. Shunning the company of people, the shy youngster has taken shelter in a California mission with kindly Father Matthew. There, he sadly passes the days with the farm animals as he reads books to learn English. Meanwhile, many miles away at the Melrose Kennel, a valuable stud dog named Rin Tin Tin dwells unhappily behind a locked gate. One momentous day, Rin Tin Tin leaps hard at the gate and breaks the lock. The brave dog runs and runs until he reaches the mission. At first, Paul thinks Rin Tin Tin is one of a pack of wild dogs that has been attacking the sheep. Before long, the dog and boy are inseparable, and Paul begins to regain his faith in all that is good. Then, the owner of the kennel learns where Rin Tin Tin is and arrives to claim his investment. Will Paul be forced to relinquish his beloved pet? Will Rin Tin Tin return to his prison and forget the boy who cares for him? This film tells an intimate story of a child’s attachment to a pet with a depth of emotion that is measureless. 53 minutes. Drama