Rhapsody In Brew

1783. RHAPSODY IN BREW (c. 1950-1970-USA). PARTIAL COLOR. Ah …the “Golden Age” of thirst! Back in the days before “Lite” took alI the taste out of the product, beers were individual, distinct and good! Return to these TV commercials of Yesteryear and listen to hymns of praise to the famous: Ballantine, Budweiser, Schaefer, Rhemgoid, Olympia, Pabst, Knickerbocker and FaIstaff”. The not-as-famous: Hamm’s Black Label, Utica Club, Jax, Ranier and Genesee. And then there were the regional beers, those you never got to tasle unless you lived in the right place at the right time: Simon Pure, Mitchell, Blitz, Gunther, Goebel, Duquesne and many more. Lots of animation, pretty girls and clever ideas. Bottoms Up! 60 minutes Television