Ride The High Wind

2747. RIDE THE HIGH WIND (1968-South Africa) COLOR. With DARREN McGAVIN. This colorful action-adventure drama opens with veteran charter airplane pilot Mike Gregory losing control of his craft as he soars over the arid and barren South African desert. His plane crashes and burns, and he is left to his own resources. As he sets out on what surely will be a long and arduous walk to civilization, he stumbles upon the remains of a mysterious battered wagon. Eventually Gregory is rescued by Karl Du Val, a mine operator. He is nursed back to health by Karl’s sultry wife, Maria, Gregory then returns to Johannesburg, but not before the lonely and neglected Maria unsuccessfully attempts to seduce him. He may be a confirmed ladies man who ordinarily would welcome the attention of a beautiful woman, however, his sense of morality does not allow him to toy with a female who already is wed. Upon his arrival in Johannesburg, Gregory is visited by dapper Major Dillon who informs him that the wagon had been lost decades earlier during the Boer War. Furthermore, it reportedly is filled with a king’s ransom in gold bullion. The major is determined to find the wagon. Gregory agrees to join him, his nephew and the latter’s tough war refugee girlfriend on an expedition in search of the wagon and its wealth. This treasure hunt is sure to be a lively affair, packed with danger and excitement and surprises. 83 minutes. Adventure