Roar Of The Press

2241. ROAR Of THE PRESS (1941-USA). WITH jean parker, Wallace ford, jed prouty, betty compson, evelyn knapp. A rip-roaring newspaper yarn whose hero is a lovable, archeÂtypal ink-stained wretch. He is Wally Williams, crackerjack scribe for the New York Globe. Wally has just gone Off and eloped with Alice, a wide-eyed small town girl who has never been to the Big City. Alice has followed her heart, despite her father’s warning her against falling in love with a reporter. After all, newspapermen are notorious for their unreliability. If they promise to be home by seven in the evening, you can expect that they most likely will not show up until seven the followÂing morning. That’s because they either will be battling each other over the latest hot scoop, chasing skirts or boozing the night away in a gin mill. Meanwhile, their wives earn permanent memberships in an exclusive fraternity: the “Widow Of The Press Club.” Wally certainly sets out to be an attentive husband. However, this proves difficult as he must contend with an unashamedly manipulative ediÂtor whose veins are filled with ink instead Of blood. On the day he arrives back in town with Alice, Wally also finds himself witness to what may be the story Of the decade. George Henderson, head Of the “Guard America” committee, jumps out Of a skyscraper window. Was it suicide? Or was he pushed? As the story unfolds, one more question remains; Will Wally ever get to spend more than three minutes alone with his bride? 72 minutes. Drama