Robert Montgomery Presents; Harvest

2895. ROBERT MONTGOMERY PRESENTS (Harvest). (November 23, 1953) NBC-TV. With DOROTHY GISH, ED BEGLEY, JAMES DEAN, VAUGHN TAYLOR. Sponsored by Johnson’s Wax, Lucky Strike. ROBERT MONTGOMERY introduces an excellent Thanksgiving story that is truly “a portrait of an American family.” Dorothy Gish and Ed Begley give superlative performances, what a bunch of pros! Carl Zalinka’s wheat crop is destroyed by a hailstorm just before harvest (the storm is creatively staged on live TV). Several of the Zalinka dreams fail along with the crop. Carl’s youngest son (well portrayed by James Dean, without the brooding angst he developed in his later roles) loses his girl to a rival and joins the Navy, Grandpa Zalinka fails to live to be 100 years old by just a few days. Yet, this is a time of harvest for the people as well as the crops. The Thanksgiving message makes for inspired viewing, as well as a chance to see James Dean – in a role tailor-made for his talents. Highly recommended. 58 minutes. Live TV Drama