Rocky King, Detective

888. ROCKY KING, DETECTIVE (May 23, 1954-USA). Dumont net, with ROSCOE KARNS, TODD KARNS (son of Roscoe), GRACE CARNEY as the voice of Mabel, and JACK KLUGMAN as one of the suspects. Rocky King, hard working N.Y.C. cop with never-seen wife Mabel and never- seen, never-heard son Junior, mixed gallows humor with astute deduction to solve his weekly murder case. Rocky solves a murder in a mausoleum in the story “Return For Death.” Done on live network TV with no videotape or kinescope. The number of sets will surprise you. A fine chance to watch the actors recover from muffed lines and missed cues on live on-the-air TV. The series was noted for a light-hearted “nobody’s watching anyway” attitude, and was often watched for the fun of it as well as for the detection. 25 minutes. Television Detective