Roll On Texas Moon

2983. ROLL ON TEXAS MOON (1946-USA). With ROY ROGERS, TRIGGER, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, DALE EVANS, BOB NOLAN and THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS. Roy Rogers, the “King of the Cowboys,” takes near-fatal risks to keep the peace in his home territory in this thrill-packed shoot-em-up. Years after the end of a deadly feud between cattle ranchers and sheep farmers, a few stubborn oldtimers try to restart the war. The trouble begins when some employees of the Ramshead sheep ranch come upon Whirligig Syndicate cattleman Gabby Whittaker just a few feet away from the dead body of their boss Matt Delaney. Even though Gabby is cleared of all charges, the sheep farmers insist that the cattlemen are trying to destroy them. At the same time. Matt’s niece Jill comes in to run the ranch. One night as the cattlemen and sheep farmers come together at a dance, a prized ram is shot to death by a mysterious villain. Peacemaker Roy arrives on the scene from Chicago, representing the Whirligig Syndicate√Ďand promptly stuns his fellow cattlemen by taking a job guarding sheep at Jill’s ranch, is Roy a turncoat? Or, does he have a secret plan to unearth an evil scheme to rid the territory of the sheep farmers? At the same time, has he become moonstruck by Jill’s appealing ways? Watch for the exciting climax, which features a rock-em, sock-em bullet spree and hundreds of horse hooves kicking up plenty of dust! Trigger is billed as “the smartest horse in the movies” and they’re right! He gets second billing! 62 minutes. Western