S.O.S. Clipper; Desperate Cargo

1918. S.O.S. CLIPPER (Desperate Cargo) (1941-USA). WITH ralph byrd, carol HUGHES, JACK MULHALL. Directed by WILLIAM BEAUDINE. The setting Of this entertaining action-adventure yarn is the lush Caribbean locale Of Puerta Nueva. There is a villain: a cunning ex-con who has been posing as a sickly prOfessor, and has concocted an elaborate scheme to pilfer a half-million dollar fortune. The loot is housed aboard the Caribbean Cruiser, an airplane frequented by area tourists. Into this setting comes Toby Bronson (played by rugged, square jawed Ralph Byrd), newly assigned as purser Of the Cruiser. Toby is a happy-go-lucky type with a keen eye for the ladies, but he soon finds himself dodging deadly daggers which fly through the air and exchanging various unpleasantries with the heavies. Even though he is being kept busy in the fisticuffs department, he still manages to make time with pretty Ann Morton, a reluctant showgirl who is stranded in Puerta Nueva and who inadvertently becomes embroiled in the mayhem. 66 minutes. Adventure Drama