Sabaka; Hindu, The

2114. SABAKA (THE HINDU) (1953-USA). Color. With boris karlOff, Reginald DENNY, VICTOR JORY, JUNE FORAY. This picturesque adventure tale is crammed with chills and thrills. It is set in India and its hero is young Gunga Ram, a handsome and affable Indian who observes that he and his countrymen are “rich in the philosophies Of our great religions.” One Of them, however, is actually not so great. Its supreme being is the fire demon Sabaka, whose followÂers comprise a cult Of devil worshippers. Gunga Ram works for the kindly Maharajah Of Bakore as a trainer and driver Of elephants. The story is set into motion when he and the Maharajah incur the wrath Of a fellow driver, an ill-tempered lout whose mind has been poisoned by the cult Of Sabaka. Gunga Ram’s sister and brother-in-law are soon burned to death by the devil worshippers, and our hero sets out to destroy the cult. Boris KarlOff gives one Of his more interesting latter-career perforÂmances as the Maharajah’s general, who plays a key role in the goings-on. Then there is a villainess Of major proportion, a high priestess who is the personification Of evil and the true power behind the cult. The film was shot entirely on location in exotic India. 75 minutes. Adventure.