Saga Of Death Valley

2643. SAGA OF DEATH VALLEV (1939-USA). With ROY ROGERS, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES, DONALD BARRY. Here is fabled singing cowboy Roy Rogers in one of his most impassioned Western adventures. His character is called “Roy Rogers,” and he employs a phony name as he returns to his boyhood home to wreak vengeance on the villainous snake-in-the-grass who fifteen years earlier had killed his father and kidnapped His brother. As the new owner of the Circle R Ranch, “Roy Reynolds” pretends to give in to the threats of Ed Tasker. Tasker is the sidewinder who shot Roy’s dad and has been riding roughshod over the backs of the local ranchers for years by illegally controlling their water supply. With his ruthless “nephew” Jerry, Tasker bleeds the poor ranchers for protection money by threatening their lives. Eventually, Roy reveals to the ranchers his plan to regain the water for those who rightfully own it. He forms a secret group of Death Valley Riders who plot to attack Tasker and his men. Early on, it is revealed that unbeknownst to all but Tasker and one of his men, Jerry is really Roy’s younger brother! What will be the outcome when these two face each other with six-shooters blazing? What begins as a water dispute ends up as an exciting fight-to-the-finish between brothers separated by the destiny of the Wild West! 53 minutes. Western