2776. SAMSON (1961 -Italy) COLOR. With BRAD HARRIS, ALAN STEEL, SERGE GAINSBOURG. Samson is one of the most famous and beloved champions of ancient times. He was celebrated for his great strength, and this sheer muscle-power along with his stalwart heroism are at the forefront of this exhilarating action-adventure spectacle. It opens with a squabble between Samson and a fellow strongman over the carcass of a dead boar. This dispute quickly leads to his being attacked by a band of the king’s mercenaries and thrown into jail. Our hero then finds himself neck-deep in intrigue within the court of this ruler, whose inner circle is rife with conniving and rivalry and jealousy. However, the plotline remains secondary to the sheer spectacle on view. You will be astonished as Samson escapes from jail by utilizing his brute strength to lift up the metal door of his cell and transform it into a deadly weapon against the throng which attacks him. You will marvel as he goes one-on-one against Igor, a colossus who has the strength of thirty men. You will be amazed as Samson splits a tree trunk in two with his bare hands. You will be in awe as he single-handedly raises a multi-ton sewer cover. You will shake your head in wonder as he heroically rescues a damsel-in-distress and battles legions of armor-clad soldiers. These feats are just for openers! Dubbed En English, 98 minutes. Sword and Sandal