Secret Of The Loch, The

2146. THE SECRET OF THE LOCH (1934-England). With SEYMOUR HICKS. Tales of the legÂendary Loch Ness monster have delighted and scared us for centuries. Does the monster really exist? Some believe it is real. Others claim to have actually seen it. Still more are certain that it is nothing but a myth. Old Professor Heggie is one who is firmly convinced that the monster is terrifyingly real. “I know it,” he pronounces. “My father believed it. His father did before himÉThey think we’re superstitious. Maybe we are, but they can never know the Loch as we know it.” Heggie in fact is sure that the monster is a “reptilian survivor of prehistoric ages, a giant dinosaur.” His colleagues laugh at him at a scientific conference. They collectively feel that the existence of the monster is “one of Grimm’s very grim fairy tales.” The professor is determined to prove that the monster is real, and he sets out to do so. Among the other characters fitting into the story are the professor’s pert grandÂdaughter, his devoted and ominously hulking assistant, and an enterprising young London newspaÂperman. This is not your average monster thriller. Its scenario unfolds with great wit and energy while the esteemed British actor Seymour Hicks offers a crafty performance as Heggie. Those who enjoy perusing credits will note that the film’s editor is none other than the future Academy Award-winning director DAVID LEAN! 72 minutes. Horror