Secrets Of Wu Sin, The

2341. THE SECRETS OF WU SIN (1932-usa). WITH Lois Wilson, grant withers, Richard LOO. Tough-talking Jim Manning saves a desperate young woman named Nona Gould from comÂmitting suicide. Nona is an aspiring writer who has become discouraged by one-too-many rejection slips. It so happens that Manning is a newspaper editor. He reads one of her manuscripts and is impressed enough to offer her a job as a reporter. Nona promptly becomes a dedicated and hardÂworking ink-stained wretch. She wants in on a story that is sure to earn big headlines. It seems that masses of Chinese are being run into San Francisco illegally. He wants to know “how, where, when and by whom the Chinese are brought in.” “I’ll bust this thing wide open in the paper and let the government finish the job,” he promises. The editor will have no part in letting Nona work the story because he believes it is too rough and dangerous for “a girl.” Nona used to live near Chinatown, and her nose for news takes over despite her boss’ refusal to assign her the story. This brings her in contact with the subtly evil Wu Sin, head of the tongs, and a pair of star-crossed Chinese lovers. As she and Manning are destined to learn in this atmospheric and entertaining drama, Tong wars and gangsters are running rampant in Chinatown and “the guy who keeps his mouth shut is the one who lives the longest.” 64 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense