Sensation Hunters

2072. SENSATION HUNTERS (1934-USA).WITH arline judge, preston foster, marion burns, walter brennan, Creighton hale. Directed by charles vidor. Snappy and outÂrageously risquŽ dialogue along with scenes Of scantily-clad showgirls combine to make this pre- production code romance-drama-musical-comedy pleasing to the ears and eyes. It is the story Of Dale Jordan, a young showgirl who is as innocent as she is beautiful and talented. Dale has taken her first job with a troupe headed by Trixie Snell, who looks and acts like a madam and treats her “girls” as if they are hookers. Those who sign on with Trixie generally do so “as a last resort” or because they are “hunting for sensations.” Dale is different, however. She is just an ambitious kid who is looking for a break in show business. Dale and the rest Of Trixie’s troupe board a ship headÂed for Panama, where they have been booked into a cabaret. As the scenario unfolds Dale becomes romantically involved with two men. The first is copper trader Tom Baylor, whom she really loves. The second is flyer-transport mogul Jim Crosby, who comes to her assistance when she battles with Trixie but who nonetheless hides from her a dark secret. Rounding out the cast is the film’s most engaging character, Jerry Royal (Arline Judge, in a likably spunky performance). Dale’s roommate and confidante. Jerry is as streetwise and tough-talking as she is loyal and kind-hearted. You never know what this dame will do or say, and her presence alone makes the film an A-plus entertainÂment. 74 minutes. Drama