Sermon On The Mount, The

358. THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT (c. 1964-USA). COLOR, presented by THE NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC MEN. Music played by JEAN CASADESUS. Jesus’ most famous sermon, delivered on a mountain near the Lake of Galilee, is given a unique cinematic treatment. A series of colorful, inspirational paintings by ANDRE GFRARD (who also directed the film) depict various aspects of the event, and illustrate the meanings of the Sermon. The paintings, which are highly stylized, succeed in capturing the spirituality, power and essential simplicity of Jesus’ words. His Sermon established the fundamental principles of law, morality and wisdom, including serving God instead of money and possessions, forgiving one’s enemies, the importance of prayer, and, above all, the Golden Rule (“Do unto all men what you would have them do unto you.”) Award-winning cinematographer GENE KEARNEY keeps the film moving, by expertly panning across the paintings and focusing on the most significant points. The beautiful images and reverently-spoken narration are accompanied by appropriate music by Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Prokofiev, Ravel and Schumann. A feast for the eyes and ears, and fulfilling nourishment for the spirit. 29 minutes. Inspirational