Seven Deadly Sins, The

2317. THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS (1952-France-Italy). With michele morgan, gerard PHILIPE, and others. Directed by ROBERTO ROSSELLINI. Gluttony. Pride. Lust. Envy. Avarice Anger. Sloth. These are the Seven Capital Sins, and each is depicted to perfection in this nifty compilation. The episodes range from clever to subtle, whimsical to haunting. They all are linked by the observations Of a carnival barker (charmingly played by Gerard Philipe, France’s foremost matinŽe idol during the post-World War II era). In “Avarice and Anger,” a poor and humble music teacher finds a wallet that is loaded with loot. It has been dropped by his miserly landlord. Will he take the money and run or return it to its rightful owner? Some clever camera tricks and visual effects high light “Sloth,” the story Of what might happen on earth if Saint Peter declared that lethargy was to be considered a virtue rather than a sin. “Lust” follows the plight Of a 13-year-old girl who thinks she is pregnant. In “Envy,” a woman becomes irrationally jealous Of anyone and anything that might diver the attention Of her husband, including his beloved pet cat. “Gluttony” is the fable Of a wanderer who seeks refuge during a storm. His hosts serve him the creamiest and tastiest cheese he has even eaten, leading to a hilarious denouement. “Pride” tells Of a formerly wealthy woman who has slid down the social scale, and the manner in which she attempts to manipulate her loving and devotee daughter. Finally there is the Eighth sin. It is the Unknown Sin, and what appears on screen is better seen than described! In French and Italian with English subtitles. 128 minutes. Drama