Seven Doors To Death

2658. SEVEN DOORS TO DEATH (1944-USA). With CHICK CHANDLER, JUNE CLYDE, MICHAEL RAFFETTO. Hardly ever has there been such a bunch of fascinating and eccentric suspects as in this entertaining mystery melodrama with a clever comic bent. The action begins one evening as Jimmy McMillon drives by the Hamilton complex of apartments and boutiques. Without notice, a mysterious blonde jumps onto the running board of his car and sticks a gun to his head. During the fracas, Jimmy hits his head on the steering wheel. When he comes to, the blonde has disappeared. Jimmy heads his car in the direction of the Hamilton complex and soon finds the corpse of a short and stocky man in a checkered suit. Then, he reports the strange events to Captain Jaffe of the police. They return to the Hamilton and find a corpse alright, but it is that of a tall thin man in a tuxedo! Soon, the mystery woman is found to be Mary Rawlins, heiress to the Hamilton complex. Captain Jaffe scrutinizes the evidence and accuses Mary and Jimmy of being partners in crime. Before long, Jaffe realizes that the real murderer is lurking behind one of the seven doors of the Hamilton shops where Mary is a milliner. Who could that be? Adams, the antique dealer? Burns, the silversmith? Gregor, the photographer? Eaton, the furrier? Mabel DeRose of the perfumery? Or Timothy Green, the simpleminded handyman? Find out as this slam-bang tale heads to a thrilling climax. 62 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense