Shake Hands With Murder

2675. SHAKE HANDS WITH MURDER (1944-USA). With IRIS ADRIAN, FRANK JENKS, DOUGLAS FOWLEY. Patsy Brent and Eddie Jones are unlikely partners in a not- very-lucrative business. For a $5 fee, they put up the bail money for small-time losers who have been arrested. Eddie is anxious to move into the big time. He invests his and Patsy’s entire working capital to bail out Steve Morgan, who has just been busted for allegedly embezzling $100,000 in negotiable securities from John Clark, a business partner. For this, Eddie has been paid considerably more than his and Patsy’s customary charge. Almost immediately, they hear a rumor that Morgan is planning to skip town. If he does, the bail will be forfeited, and the Brent and Jones bail bond company will no longer be in business. Patsy and Eddie go into action to try and prevent this from of ocurring. The plot immediately thickens as Clark turns up “dead as a mackerel.” He has been bumped off, and it just so happens that Patsy is the one who discovers the body! Is Morgan now guilty of murder as well as embezzlement? Or is the culprit one of five other individuals who had access to the bonds? Coincidentally, all were nearby when Clark was killed. See if you can guess whodunit as this cleverly amusing mystery-comedy barrels on to its rip-roaring finish. 58 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense