Shame; Intruder, The; I Hate Your Guts; Stranger, The

2762. SHAME (The Intruder) (I Hate Your Guts!) (The Stranger) (1961-USA). With WILLIAM SHATNER. Produced and directed by ROGER CORMAN. Adam Cramer seems like a nice young fellow. As he gets off a bus in a small Southern town, he lifts a little girl off the steps and onto the curb. Then, he politely offers his hand to the child’s mother. Cramer (passionately played by William Shatner) is a smiling all-American type who looks like he might have been captain of his college football team or the guy voted as his high school’s most likely lo succeed. However, Adam Cramer is anything but a sweetheart. “You might say I’m in social work,” he tells a clerk as he checks into the hotel. “I’ve come to do what I can for this town.” It seems that the local high school has just been integrated, and black teenagers momentarily will be sharing classrooms with their white counterparts. The clerk (not to mention most of the town’s other white residents) is not too keen on the mixing of the races. Nonetheless, she has become resigned to integration because “It’s the law.” “Whose law?” Cramer is quick to respond. He soon shows his colors as a vile racist who describes integration as “one of the greatest wrongs the government has ever perpetrated.” Cramer is a representative of the ultra right-wing Patrick Henry Society and has come to town to fan the flames of racial hatred, He ever-so-cleverly spews his self-righteous rhetoric as he goes about becoming involved both professionally and personally with the various townsfolk. The result is a time bomb of a movie: a poignant and power-packed drama that pulls no punches as it deals head” on with one of the most controversial issues of the 1960s. 82 minutes. Drama