She Gods Of Shark Reef

2814. SHE GODS OF SHARK REEF (1958-USA) COLOR. Directed by ROGER CORMAN. Photographed by FLOYD CROSBY. Lee is an escaped convict who is desperately attempting to elude the authorities. He and his ever-loyal brother Chris slip away with the morning tide on the latter’s small trading schooner and set out for the safety of a Pacific island. As fate would have it, a hurricane strands them on an altogether different isle. This is no ordinary Pacific paradise. Lee and Chris quickly discover that it is inhabited only by women! Most of them are young, nubile and scantily clad. The brothers are informed that a ship will not be able to pick them up for another ten days. Given Lee’s legal status, they do not intend to wait around that long for their rescue. The only person to talk to them is the tart-tongued old lady-in-charge. She barks orders like a female Mussolini and has the personality of a piranha. Exactly who is she? Who are the young lovelies on the island, and are they or are they not damsels-in- distress? Even more specifically, who is Mahia, the ravishingly beauliful eighteen-year-old to whom Chris is attracted? What strange fate is in store for her? Have Lee and Chris found a Shangri-la on earth, or are they in the gravest of danger? This scintillating mix of hot passion and thrilling melodrama was filmed on location on the picturesque Hawaiian island of Kauai by Academy Award-winning cinematographer Floyd Crosby. 63 minutes. Adventure