Sheep Has Five Legs

1641. SHEEP HAS FIVE LEGS (1954-France). With FERNANDEL. Directed by HENRI VERNEUIL Verneuil directed several Of Fernandel’s brightest films during the 1950s, but none is funnier than this tour-de-force in which the actor gets to display his flair for comic characterizations in no less than six difÂferent roles, He is first cast as Papa Saint-Forget, an aged winemaker; the plot details what happens when each Of his quintuplet Offspring arrives from various parts Of the world to attend a family gathering. The quints are named Alain, Bernard, Charles, Desire and Etienne, and are a beautician, sea captain, lonely hearts columnist, family man and look-alike for a celebrated movie actor. Each is, Of course, played by Fernandel, and the actor makes them all into distinct flavorful comic personalities. For over 40 years Fernandel was his country’s most famous screen comic, and it’s a joy to watch him go through his part in each role. Upon the film’s release in the United States in 1955, “New York Times” critic Bosle Crowther wrote, “Not only is this latest picture the best with Fernandel in years, but it is probably the cleverest and most hilarious French comedy we’ve seen since the war.” The critic added, “We hope (Fernandel) was paid six salaries for this picture. He certainly earned them, every one.” Recommended. In French with English subtitles. 92 minutes. Comedy