Sheriff Of Tombstone

2623. SHERIFF OF TOMBSTONE (1941-USA). With ROY ROGERS, GEORGE “GABBY” HAYES. The presence of legendary singing cowboy Roy Rogers brightens this slam-bang Western adventure. Roy plays Bret Starr, the soon-to-be ex-marshal of Dodge City. No-nonsense Bret has tamed the town to the point where things in Dodge are downright docile. “The old town’s learned respect for the law,” he ever-so-casually observes. Bret is about to hand in his badge and move on to Tombstone, where he plans to open a business with his brother. However, Tombstone is as corrupt and lawless as Dodge City is peaceful. “It’s every man and woman for himself here,” Bret is told as he rides into the burg. You know that Tombstone will not remain untamed for long with Bret on the scene. The town’s crooked mayor immediately mistakes him for “Shotgun” Cassidy, a notorious desperado-and names him the new sheriff! Then Bret learns that his brother was recently murdered, What follows is fast-paced Western entertainment in which Bret and his comically curmudgeon-like sidekick Gabby (delightfully played by the inimitable George “Gabby” Hayes) set out to teach Tombstone reverence for law and order. 53 minutes. Western