Short Films Of D.W. Griffith Volume III, The

1. THOSE AWFUL HATS (1909-USA). Directed by D.W. GRIFFITH. This short and sweet comic bauble tells the goings-on among a group of people attempting to watch a movie. Note the early use of a split screen to show a movie within a movie! Those awful hats indeed!
2. THE SEALED ROOM (1909-USA). Directed by D.W. GRIFFITH. A king has constructed a special room as a chamber in which to entertain his lady-love. However, the special evening he has in mind does not go as planned because the subject of his affection has eyes for another! Note the static camera and the painted backdrop sets.
3. THE UNCHANGING SEA (1910-USA). Directed by D.W. GRIFFITH. With MARY PICKFORD. This beautifully staged drama tells the story of fishermen who go off to sea and the women who await their homecoming. Will they ever return? Are men destined to work and women fated to weep? There’s a big improvement in staging techniques compared to the previous two films.
4. HIS TRUST (1911-USA). Directed by D.W. GRIFFITH. This fascinating drama is subtitled “The Faithful Devotion and Self-Sacrifice Of An Old Negro Servant.” It tells of a Confederate soldier who bids farewell to his wife and daughter before heading off to battle. He entrusts his family to the care of his servant and the story goes on to tell all of their fates. Perhaps the Civil War will make a good topic for Griffith to make a longer film about someday! NOTE: this film also appears as cat. #2970.
5. AN UNSEEN ENEMY (1912-USA). Directed by D.W. GRIFFITH. With LILLIAN GISH, DOROTHY GISH, ROBERT HARRON. The Gish sisters play siblings whose doctor-father has just died. Their brother disposes of a portion of his dad’s small estate and places the money he has received for it in a safe. What “unseen enemy” will jeopardize this inheritance? Griffith’s use of editing and close-ups are revolutionary!
6. THE MOTHERING HEART (1913-USA). Directed by D.W. GRIFFITH. With LILLIAN GISH. The on-screen brilliance of Lillian Gish in conveying simple emotion is never more apparent than in this moving drama. She plays a young woman whose sweet nature is revealed by her affection for some puppies. The story depicts her trials as she marries and how she responds to her less-than-loyal husband.
“Silent” films with music score. 80 minutes total. D.W. Griffith