Silent Laugh Makers

967. SILENT LAUGH MAKERS #3 (1919-1925-USA)
1. PICKING PEACHES (1924). With HARRY LANGDON. Written by MACK SENNETT with gags and direction by FRANK CAPRA. Harry Langdon’s first film for Sennett. This is a gem of a silent comedy, showing off baby-faced Harry at the start of his film career. Doleful Harry portrays a clerk in a store with a wandering eye for the ladies, despite being very much married. The sight gags are delicious, fast and very funny-the first belly laugh starting only 27 seconds after the credits end! (If you’re gonna make a Mack Sennett comedy, why wait?) Watch for a 22 second close-up of Harry’s face (unusual for a Sennett comedy!) With a cartoon devil on his shoulder. The number of expressions that cross his face is astonishÂing. The plot is complicated, with philandering Harry wooing the Flappers while his wife has a few ideas of her own. “Picking Peaches” is in many ways a near-perfect silent comedy, due to wistful Harry Langdon, who made every expression and gesture count.
2. ALL TIED UP (1925). With “A TON OF FUN” (“FAT” KARR, “KEWPIE” ROSS, “FATTY” ALEXANDER), LOIS BOVD, GALE HENRY. Directed by GEORGE “SUM” SUMMERV1LLE. Everyone knows fat people are funny, so this comedy has got to be a riot! Matter of fact, it is! An elopement comedy with these rotund gentlemen each trying to get a fair lady out of the boarding house. The gags are as big as the stomachs. Note: this film also appears as cat. #2837.
3. DONÕT SHOVE (1919). With HAROLD LLOYD, BEBE DANIELS. Its Bebe’s birthday and Harold’s having trouble wooing his lady love. A rival chases him off, where, after a misadventure, everyone winds up at the roller rink. Needless to say, the law of gravity is promptly repealed in one of Lloyd’s early comedies after developing his straw-hatted, hom-rimmed, bespectacled character. Note: this film also appears as cat. #2845 4. SOME BABY (1922). With SNUB POLLARD. Written by HAL ROACH. Droopy, mustached, and forever put-upon, the last thing newly married Snub and his bride need is a baby! Handed one by a distraught mother while leaving the church, bridegroom Snub finds himself an instant Daddy. More woes-thieves steal all the wedding gifts and furniture, and the mother of the baby decides she wants little Egbert back. And the chase is on…. “Silent” films with music score, correct projection speed. 82 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies