2218.SKYSCRAPER (1928-USA). With WILLIAM BOYD, ALAN HALE, SUE CAROL. An entertaining and beautifully made romantic comedy-drama. The two heroes constantly risk their lives as they tower above the streets of New York in their jobs as construction workers toiling on a skyscraper. They are Blondy and Swede, and they are the Flagg and Quirt of steel riveters. The former is a fearless and fun-loving practical joker who is not without a deep sense of pride. The latter is a brawling but lovable and loyal show-off. The action heats up when a dame enters their lives. She is sexy Sally, whom the boys rescue from the path of a falling steel girder. Sally has legs you could die for; indeed, she is shown only from the knees down the first time she appears on camera. The unemployed Sally accidently becomes a chorus girl. Blondy takes her on a date to Coney Island, and the pair fall in love. While Sally is on the road, Blondy is crushed by a falling girder. His vanity will not allow him to confide his plight to her, which leads to some touchy situations and tangled emotions. Made at the end of the silent era, the film offers some stunning visuals of New York as seen from the top of a skyscraper. There is plenty of tension as the workers balance themselves on the steel frame of the building they are constructing. Sue Carol (whom you will adore as Sally) was an actress- socialite who was active on screen mostly during the late 1920s. She later became a talent agent and helped guide the career of Alan Ladd from bit player to major star. The two were married in 1942, “Silent” film with music score. 71 minutes. “Silent” Drama