Snows Of Kilimanjaro, The

1959.the snows Of kilimanjaro (1952-usa). Color, with gregory peck, susan hayward, ava gardner, leo g. Carroll. Produced by darryl f. Zanuck. Music by bernard herrmann. Based on a short story by ernest hemingway. An a-1 cast, featuring a trio Of hollywood’s top stars Of the 1950s, adds luster to this engrossing, incisive drama from the pen Of ernest hemingway. Gregory peck has never been better as harry street, a famous writer. He is a restless, complex man Of many moods. While on a hunting trip in the shadow Of the title mountain, the highest peak in africa, street has been seriously wounded; his leg is infected, and he believes that he is slowly dying. Street may be in excruciating pain, but his suffering is not all physical. He is doubting himself and the life he has led, and attempting to determine if his exis?tence has had any meaning. He speculates if he has wasted his talent by settling for material plea?sure. Simply put, he wonders, “how does a man miss the boat?” street’s life is seen in flashback, from his michigan boyhood on to his travels throughout the world. Introduced are the individuals who impacted on him, and the various women whom he loved. Peck is more than ably supported by susan hayward, playing helen, street’s wealthy wife, who is not returned the devotion she Offers. Ava gardner portrays cynthia, a beauty who was to prove to be the love Of his life. Among the many highlights: the tense, romantic reunion Of street and cynthia, under the most extreme cir?cumstances, during the spanish civil war. Bernard herrmann’s evocative music serves to enhance the film’s mood and emotional power. 114minutes. Drama