Son Of Monte Cristo, The

137. THE SON Of MONTE CRISTO (1940-usa). With joan Bennett, louis hayward, GEORGE SANDERS, RALPH BYRD, CLAYTON MOORE. Directed by ROWLAND LEE. Swashbuckling advenÂture and intrigue at its best, with the dashing young Offspring Of ALEXANDRE DUMAS’ great hero following in his father’s footsteps as a champion Of libertyÑand as the finest swordsman in the world! The tiny but proud nation Of Lichtenberg, “jewel Of the Balkans,” is endangered by an absolutely evil general, who plans to take over the country and force the beautiful young duchess into marriage. The would-be dictator and his storm troopers ruthlessly smash the presses, disrupt peaceful assemblies, attack the church, and enslave the people. But Monte Cristo comes to the rescue! Outwardly, he’s a foppish, mild-mannered count, who gains the genÂeral’s confidence by agreeing to lend the country a vast fortune. But secretly, he’s “The Torch,” bold and mysterious leader Of the resistance fighters! Through the treacherous labyrinths Of secret passageways, underÂground rivers, and eventually the ornate rooms Of the palace itself, this masked avenger battles the tyrant and wins the heart Of the lady. The resemblances to the Zorro legend (which could hardly have been coincidental) and the equally obvious parallels to contemporary world conflicts add to the film’s impact. Excitement and fun for all ages! 102 minutes. Drama-Adventure