Space Shuttle: From The Beginning

2489. SPACE SHUTTLE: FROM THE BEGINNING (1969-1987-USA) COLOR. Five films produced by NASA (The National Aeronautical and Space Administration), showing America’s conquest of space.
1. FLIGHT WITHOUT WINGS (1969). Narrated by LES TREMAYNE. The first step in the development of the Space Shuttle, a Mach One “Lifting Body” called the “HL10.”
2. “…GO FOR SEP” (1978). “The Space Shuttle’s Approach and Landing Tests.”
3. OPENING NEW FRONTIERS (1982). “The Orbital Flight Test Of The Space Transportation System.” The first four flights of the Shuttle.
4. WE DELIVER (1983). A summary of the next four flights of the Space Shuttle.
5. BUILDING TOWARDS NEW HEIGHTS (1987). Plans for space stations, starting with “Skylab.”
121 minutes total. Documentary