Space Shuttle: Training, Facilities, Space Station

2497. SPACE SHUTTLE: TRAINING-FACILITIES-SPACE STATION (1984-1990-USA) COLOR. Six films produced by NASA (The National Aeronautical and Space Administration), showing America’s conquest of space.
1. RETURN TO SPACE (1988). How NASA met the need of continuing with our space program after the destruction of the shuttle “Challenger.” 2. SHUTTLE FLOW AT KENNEDY SPACE CENTER (1986). How the space shuttles are continuously prepared for take-off at the Kennedy Space Center. 3. SHUTTLE TRAINING AIRCRAFT (1988). How do you become a space shuttle pilot? Learn to fly an S.T.A.!
4. A NICE FLYING MACHINE (1984). A self propelled backpack (the M.M.U.) that enables our astronauts to “walk” in space.
5. THE NASA SPACE SUIT (1990). What the well dressed astronaut will wear to allow him to survive in outer space.
6. SPACE CRAFT SERVICING AT SPACE STATION (1987). How the Hubble Space Telescope and other pieces of space hardware will be serviced by a permanent platform in orbit. 88 minutes total. Documentary