Sphinx, The

1773.THE SPHINX (1933-USA).With LIONEL ATWILL. Lionel Atwill, that master of movie menace, displays his considerable talents in this ingenious thriller. He’s cast in a dual role: a dapper, self- assured mystery man whose powerful hands have been squeezing the life out of errant stockbrokers whose companies have been petitioned into bankruptcy; and Jerome Breen, the killer’s deaf-mute “twin,” who is known as ÒThe Sphinx.Ó Unlike most movie mutes, who are depicted as abused and pitiful characters, Breen is a wealthy and respected philanthropist. However, he does find himself in the hot seat, and possibly, the electric chair, upon his arrest for murder. The scenario is crammed with colorful personalities, from tough but thick-skulled flatfoots to brash, clever reporters and their pert but nosy female counterparts. You will never guess which of these will find themselves victimÂized the killer, or how the killer will be nabbed. A hint: keep your eye on the piano! 63 minutes. Crime-Mystery-Suspense