Spy Of Napolean

959. SPY Of NAPOLEON (1936-England). With RICHARD BARTHELMESS, DOLLY HASS, FRANCIS L. SULLIVAN. First-rate historical drama about the conflict between Emperor Napoleon III Of France and ChanÂcellor Bismarck Of Prussia. With the help Of Toulon, his scheming Chief Of Police, Louis Napoleon recruits his own illegitimate daughter to uncover the traitors to his throne. Mixed within the turmoil Of the Franco-Prussian War and its improvement in mass destruction (the machine gun), is a tender love story. Married to the beautiful double agent, and secretly living in Swiss exile, Richard Barthelmess makes the perfect patriot. Called “the most beautiful face Of any man who ever went before the camera”, Barthelmess plays to a perfection the man who loves not his emperor, but France herself. Francis Sullivan, a lesser-known British character actor, portrays the scheming Chief Of Police in such a way as to remind one Of Charles Laughton in his prime. All hands turn in a fine costume drama set in a violent era. 77 minutes. Drama