Stan And Ollie Before They Were Laurel And Hardy Vol. III

1. THE SERVANT GIRL’S LEGACY (1914-USA). With MABEL PAIGE, OLIVER HARDY. Ollie is billed as “Babe Hardy” in this rollicking slapstick. He plays Cy the gardener and he loves Mandy Spragg, the title lass. Mandy is less than charmed by Cy’s amorous advances. Indeed, she thinks he is all wet! The plot thickens when Mandy receives word that she is set to inherit her uncle’s entire fortune.
2. SOMETHING IN HER EYE (1914-USA). With OLIVER HARDY. A not-all-that-young woman meets an assortment of men as she prances down the street in this zany farce. All are destined to become her gentleman callers. One is a rotund shopkeeper (played by you-know-who). It’s a pleasure to see Ollie so young and obviously in his prime!
3. PICK and SHOVEL (1923-USA). With STAN LAUREL. Presented by HAL ROACH. Stanley may be wearing a top hat and tails, but he somehow has managed to find himself mixing with a mob of miners and descending way underground, where the comic possibilities abound. Don’t miss Stan and the donkey.
4. A MANDARIN MIX-UP (1925-USA). With STAN LAUREL. A heavily-made-up Stan plays a chinaman who labors in a laundry. His combination of cleverness and incompetence coupled with some ouiside-the-laundry escapades allow Stan to display seriously comic skills. Watch for several “‘queue” sight gags.
5. THE SLEUTH (1925-USA). With STAN LAUREL. Stan stars as Webster Dingle, detective extraordinary-who, as you will see, is no threat to Sherlock Holmesl A damsel-in-distress comes to Dingle with a weighty dilemma. Love that oversized pipe! Note Stan’s quick and clever costume changes.
“Silent” films wilh music score. 54 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy