Stars Look Down, The

956. THE STARS LOOK DOWN (1939-ENGLAND). WITH Michael Redgrave, Margaret Lockwood, EVELYN WILLIAMS. Directed by CAROL REED, based on a novel by A.J. CRONIN. Stark drama the British coal mines and the unsafe conditions that the miners were forced lo endure. Betrayed by the union sold out by one Of their own men, only one man seemed to care. Portrayed with stoic fortitude in the face Of adversity by Michael Redgrave, this partially college educated son Of a coal miner single-handedly attempts to achieve some measure Of social justice. Director Carol Reed brought his usual keen eye for detail and superb ability to convey the atmosphere Of the time and place. Achieving lasting fame for “The Thin Man”. “Trapeze”, and “Oliver!” Reed subtly bill forcefully develops the story’s characters until the smashing climax in the flooded coal mines, with a lack Of the “Hollywood Happy Ending”. In all, a fine drama Of human love, greed, and emotion set in the sordid coal pits Of Britain. 104 minutes. Drama