Stork Club, The; Haikarakerho

2182. THE STORK CLUB (1945-USA). With BETTY HUTTON, BARRY FITZGERALD, DON DeFORE, ROBERT BENCHLEY. If you’ve never thought of bouncy Betty Hutton as a sex symbol, think again. In her first appearance in this winning musical comedy-romance she is garbed in the skimpiest of bathing suits, and she proves to be quite a dish. However, Hutton is her same old genially spunky self in her role as Stork Club hat check girl Judy Peabody. For those too young to remember, the Stork club was the Manhattan nitery where the rich and famous of an earlier era would come to see and be seen. Judy also is an aspiring singer whose bandleader boyfriend has been away fighting in the Pacific. The scenario is set into motion when she saves a man from drowning. She nicknames him “Pop” and assumes that he is a poor soul who has attempted suicide. Actually he is J.B., an obscenely wealthy recluse who had fallen into the ocean while attempting to retrieve a hat. J.B. takes a liking to Judy and decides that he “wants to do something” to “make her life beautiful.” So he anonymously showers her with an unlimited supply of money and then enters her life in the person of a tramp. Judy finds herself transformed into a poor-little-rich-girl, resulting in assorted romantic and comic complications. Radio announcer/comedian BILL GOODWIN appears, singer ANDY RUSSELL makes his screen debut and some of the tunes will sound familiar and delighlful! 99 minutes Musical