Strange Illusion

2698. STRANGE ILLUSION (1945-USA). With JAMES LYDON, SALLY EILERS, WARREN WILLIAM, REGIS TOOMEY. Judge Albert Cartwright was a former state lieutenant governor who was killed several years earlier in a mysterious accident. He and his son Paul were not just father and son, but the best of friends. The young man still has not recovered from the tragedy. In fact, he finds himself haunted by deeply disturbing nightmares relating to his father and his family. In them, his mother and sister are in grave danger, and he fears that these dreams somehow will be translated into reality. Onto the scene comes Bret Carter (superbly played by suave Warren William). Paul’s mother describes him as “most charming” and adds that everyone finds him most fascinating.” Carter is the first man she has liked since her husband’s death, and she even is considering marrying him. Carter seems likable enough. He is handsome and bright and personable, and ever-eager to please Mrs. Cartwright. Still, Paul wonders if Carter is on the up-and-up. As certain aspects of Paul’s most recent nightmare begin to become real, he ponders if Carter is the alter ego of a villain who has been long-missing and reported dead: Claude Barrington, an infamous and murderous rogue who was known for attacking young girls. The tension mounts in this splendidly devised and directed thriller as Paul sets out to determine if Carter is an upright suitor or a devil in disguise. Young Jimmy Lydon, best-known for his roles as innocuous teenagers, gives one of the best performances of his career as Paul. 85 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense