Stunt Pilot

2404. STUNT PILOT (1939-usa). WITH John Trent, Marjorie Reynolds, Millburn stone, JASON ROBARDS, SR., GEORGE CLEVELAND. Back in the 1930s, stalwart airplane pilot Tailspin Tommy was the hero of a comic strip that was the favorite of every adventuresome American boy. He is the star of this thrill-a-minute celluloid drama, which is crammed with crackerjack aerial phoÂtography and awe-inspiring heroics. Tommy has been hired to perform hair-raising altitude dives and other dangerous stunts for a Hollywood director shooting a war epic. Our hero is angered by the stupidity of the thick-headed moviemaker, who hopes Tommy’s plane will crack up just so that he may capture on film the perfect shot. Tommy quits the film and soon afterward quarrels with his replacement, an egocentric bag of wind and “crazy fool” known as “The Great Martin.” Eventually Tommy finds himself back in the picture alongside Martin, piloting an old World War I plane in a dogfight sequence. What he does not know is that someone has substituted real bullets for fake ones in his plane’s machine gun. Martin has not been the most popular guy on the set, so the culprit could be any one of a number of individuals. However, for the time being Tommy is neck-deep in a sticky predicament as a wanted man accused of the most heinous of crimes. 62 minutes Adventure