Sundays And Cybele

1676. SUNDAYS AND CYBELE (1962 – France). With HARDY KRUGER, NICOLE COURCEL, PATRICIA GOZZI. Leonard Maltin describes this film as “intelligently told” and “splendidly realized” and for good reason. It’s a visually arresting, wonderfully acted psychological drama that most deservedly earned an Academy Award as Best Foreign Film. Hardy Kruger gives one Of his finest performances as an unhappy, deeply disturbed pilot who has killed a young girl while on a bombing mission in the Indochina War. He now suffers from amnesia, and has settled in a small town outside Paris. He is both looked after and loved by a beautiful nurse. This “lost child” finds himself drawn to a vulnerable girl who’s nearly twelve years old, and who had been abandoned by her father at a boarding school. They develop a friendship that is warm and compassionate, and communicate in a manner that becomes special and meaningful to them both. Nonetheless, in a cold, suspicious world, their relationship comes to be perceived as unnatural – and perverse. This tale Of tainted innocence remains as compel ling and touching as when it was first released. Dubbed into English. 111 minutes. Drama