423. SUNDOWN (1941-England). With GENE TIERNEY, BRUCE CABOT, GEORGE SANDERS, HARRY CAREY, SIR CEDRIC HARDWICKE. Directed by HENRY HATHAWAY. Produced by WALTER WANGER. MuÂsic by MIKLOS ROZSA. World War II is raging everywhere, but at a remote British out-post in East Africa, not much seems to be happening. Sundown means “nothing more to do in a place where there’s nothing to do.” But under the deceptively calm surface, a fuse is about to be lit, setting Off explosions that could rock the world. The Nazis are supplying the tribesmen with rifles, and are planning attacks that would give them Africa, and with it, control Of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. While the British Officers debate whether to deal peaceÂfully with the natives or to overpower them with military force, a beautiful and exotic (and rather scantily dressed) woman appears. Is she merely a harmless trader? Is she working with the Nazis? Or does she conceal another, more startling secret? The ominous sounds Of native drumbeats and death-chants give way lo those Of rifles and machine guns, as the film heads towards its blazing climax, A thoroughly enjoyable, fast-moving combination Of adventure, intrigue and romance, featuring exciting location footage, a thrilling music score, and stiff upper lips. 89 minutes. Drama-Adventure