Sunset On The Desert

91. SUNSET ON THE DESERT (1942-usa). With Roy Rogers, George “GabbyÓ Hayes, TRIGGER, LYNNE CARVER, and THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS, featuring PAT BRADY. Directed by JOSEPH KANE. Roy returns to his hometown after ten years absence, in order to help out his father’s old partner, now a judge. A villainÂous land-grabber has the judge in his clutches, and has been bending the law to suit his nefarious purposes. Roy and Gabby seem to find themselves in the Twilight Zone: the townspeople recognize Roy as if he’d been there yesterday, and a strange woman acts very intimately toward him. It turns out that he’s a dead ringer for a crooked deputy, who had to leave town after killing a rancher’s young son. Hoping to gain access to inside information and to learn exactly what hold the villain has over the judge. Roy willingly assumes the deputy’s role-which places him on a tightrope, perched precariously between the forces of good and evil. The absorbing action includes a confrontation between Roy and his double (with confused Gabby caught in the middle) and a blazing gunfight at the OK Corral. Fine singing by Pat Brady and the Sons of the Pioneers, and of course by Roy himself: the scene where he proves his identity by singing about the past is a haunting moment of sentiment and nostalgia. 53 minutes. Western