566. SVENGALI (1931-USA). With John barrymore, marian marsh, donald crisp. A haunting tale Of perverse romance, dark mystery, and unfathomable evil, starring the legendary John Barrymore in tine Of his most famous roles: the mad musician Svengali. With his long, flowing hair, strange, angular beard, sinister moustache and eyebrows, and black cape and hat. Svengali is a study in pure terror. Searching for a perfect protŽgŽe, he mesmerizes women with his hypnotic eyes and despite their attempts to escape (“Take your eyes Off me, Svengali!”), he places them under his overwhelming power: “You shall see nothing, hear nothing, dream Of nothing, but Svengali, Svengali, Svengali.” When he transforms the vivacious Trilby into a renowned but zombie-like singer, the young man who loves her resolves to stop at nothing until she is freed Of Svengali’s spellÑeven if it means following them to the ends Of the earth! For an early talkie, this has an unusually exÂpressive visual style, with eerie, low-key lighting, Offbeat camera angles, and an unsettling use Of that same stylized set for a variety Of locales. In one memorable tour-de-force, the director conveys Svengali’s control over Trilby by focusing on an extreme dose up Of his eyes, then pulling the camera backward through the window, moving it across buildings and roOftops, and bringing it through another window toward the steeping womanÑseemingly miles away! This classic film is itself a mesmerizing experience, as well as an opportunity to see the great Barrymore al his best. 82 minutes. Drama