Swamp Of The Lost Monsters

2517. THE SWAMP OF THE LOST MONSTERS (1964-Mexico) COLOR. In this absorbing Western horror melodrama, a group of Mexican ranchers fights a host of human and supernatural elements. The plot unfolds with the delivery of the corpse of Mexican rancher Jose by a doctor who urges the family that the body be buried immediately to avoid a cholera epidemic. A short while later, the widow and entourage travel through a haunted swamp to the burial site. She asks to have the coffin opened one last time to observe her husband’s remains. The casket is opened, and the remains have vanished! Who is responsible for the disappearing corpse? Is it the widow who believes she will be murdered by ghostly beings for keeping a dark secret from her husband? Is it the doctor who just may have an ulterior motive of his own? Or is it the gigantic slimy monster that lives in the haunted swamp? Covered in scales with a huge head and webbed hands and feet, this ugly creature has been terrorizing all those who come near its lair. Javier intends to seek the aid of a detective named Gaston to investigate the strange events. The result is a grisly horror tale that will have you guessing whether the series of disturbing circumstances are the works of a man, a monster or a ghost from the netherworld! Dubbed in English. 76 minutes. Horror