Sweet Beat

2352. SWEET BEAT (1953-England) . With JULIE AMBER, THE MELLO-KINGS, FRED PARRIS and THE SATINS, BILLY MYLES. This tune-filled musical is a most intriguing curio. Dramatically speaking, it is one of those so-dreadful-that-it’s-entertaining features, a corny and hokey potpourri that is laughably acted and directed, and is sure to have you chuckling out loud and shaking your head in amazement. What makes the film so fascinating is that it is a rarity: a British-made quasi-rock ‘n roll musical featuring some legendary 1950s rhythm and blues performers. The plot involves a talented young model- singer-professional virgin (played by attractive Julie Amber) who wins a beauty contest at a holiday camp. She has “the voice of an angel” and her prize is an all-expense-paid trip to London and a chance at a record contract. Trouble comes in the form of a caddish American record producer. Upon meeting her, he immediately falls in lust, and he schemes to lure our heroine away from her nice-guy fiancee with a promise of fortune and fame as a singing star. It’s a special treat to watch the Mello-Kings perform. Fred Parris and The Satins (better known as The Five Satins) are on hand to sing. Other lesser-known (but not less-talented) acts also appear, and they are ripe for rediscovery. Seeing and hearing a velvet-voiced soul singer named Billy Myles is alone worth the price of admission. 56 minutes. Musical