Sword Of Venus

1837. SWORD Of VENUS (1952-USA). WITH robert clarke, Catherine Mcleod, dan CHERLIHY. The time is 1832, the place is Paris and the French countryside, and the scenario Of this elaborate action-adventure drama details the most devilish Of schemes: a plot to cheat the dashing young Monsieur Robert Dantes, son Of the famed but now elderly and sickly Count Of Monte Cristo, out Of his family’s fortune. The villains (the chief one Of whom is played by. Dan O’Herlihy) are some old enemies Of the count. They’re ruthless, to be sure, but it seems that their goal will not so easily be achieved because the junior Dantes is known as “the best shot in Paris.” However, he also is an unreÂpentant Romeo, a man who is not to be left alone with a beautiful woman because “his technique with the ladies is Of the first calibre.” This more likely will lead to Dantes’ undoing because Claire, a damsel to whom he’s attracted, is not as innocent as she initially appears to be, The scenario gets into high gear when Dantes’ falling for her results in his being unjustly accused Of murder, and his being forced into the existence Of a living dead man. Caution: The sound track is somewhat noisy. 74 minutes. Costume-Adventure