Take Me Back To Oklahoma

87. TAKE ME BACK TO OKLAHOMA (1940-USA). With Tex RITTER, WHITE FLASH, ÒARKANSAS SLIM” ANDREWS, BOB WILLS and his TEXAS PLAYBOYS. Tex Ritter was often called “America’s Most Beloved Cowboy.” Together with his trusty stallion White Flash and his comic sidekick Arkansas Slim, Tex comes to the aid of a woman whose stagecoach company is being threatened by a vicious villain trying to take over her business. As Tex explains, “What good are men if they can’t lend each other a little help?” The bad guys do everything possible to destroy the woman’s coaches and stations, leading to some fast-moving chases and exciting gunfights. They also steal the proceeds from a church benefit and frame Tex for the theft. Well, even a beloved cowboy can get mad, and-with the help of Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys, a singing-fiddling group Tex brought to town for the benefit performance, he sets out to clear himself and defeat the varmints. The finale is a thrilling stagecoach race, with the business at stake; naturally, the villain doesnÕt play fair, and Tex finds himself racing with one wheel falling off the coach! There’s some fancy fiddling and a great bunch of Country-Western songs, including blues, rags, humorous folk ballads, and the always popular You Are My Sunshine. 63 minutes Western