Tales Of Frankenstein

2804. TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN (1958-USA/England). An unsold television “pilot” film. Written, produced and directed by CURT SIODMAK. With ANTON DIFFRING as Baron Frankenstein. “From the beginning of time, many men have sought the unknown, delving into dark regions wherein lies those truths that are destined to destroy us. Of all these eerie adventurers into darkness, none was more driven by insatiable curiosity nor went further into the unknown than the unforgettable Baron Frankenstein. So infamous were his exploits that his name stands forever as a symbol of all that is shocking, unspeakable, forbidden. Thus, in our day, many a story that chills the soul and freezes the blood is truly a Tale Of Frankenstein.'” If you’ve never heard this scary opening dialogue, you’re not alone! It starts one of the rarest, hardest to find films about the most famous monster of all time. A co-production of Universal Pictures in the U.S. and Hammer Studios in the U.K., this “pilot” film is all that remains of a plan to have Dr. Frankenstein and his creation return to the home screen every week. When a beautiful woman and her dying husband visit the Baron, she tells him, “Everyone knows you can create life…Can you prevent death as well?” Refusing to help at first, blood will tell, and the good doctor works his magic after the death of the husband. The result will surprise you! Curt Siodmak, long known for his mastery of this macabre art form might have had a “monster” hit, if only the series had been sold! 25 minutes. TV Horror