Tall Blond Man With Black Shoe, The

984. THE TALL BLOND MAN WITH ONE BLACK SHOE (i972-France>. Color, with PIERRE RICHARD, JEAN ROCHEFORT, M1REILLE DARC, BERNARD BLIER. When was the last lime your sides were split by laughter? This frothy French farceÑone Of the most acclaimed comedies Of recent yearsÑwill do it for you. The head Of a spy network misleads a much-too-ambitious assistant into believing that a completely harmless violinistÑ”the tall blond man with one black shoe”Ñ-is actually a superspy. The assistant, his army Of henchmen, and one gorgeous henchwoman fall all over each other in their misguided attempts to discover the musician’s allegedly vital secrets. They follow his every move, check each Of his possessions (a discarded candy wrapper, a broken filling, even his toothpaste), search and bug his apartment, tap his phone, and anaÂlyze his most inane conversations. Through all Of this, the empty-headed blond man hasn’t an inkling that anything is going onÑalthough he is mildly puzzled when he finds shaving cream in his toothpaste tube, and vice versa. Driving around Paris in a flower shop’s van, the spies listen intently for significant clues in a reÂcording Of the violinist’s ludicrous foreplay dialogue with his best friend’s wifeÑin which she asks him to “play horsey,” among other things. The best friend, happening by on his bicycle, overhears the tape, and, thinking that his wife is inside, having perverted sex with a florist, pursues the van through the streets. There are many other mad chases, as well as searches for vanishing bodies, tastefully naughty adult situations (including semi-nude scenes), an hilarious concert where the orchestra is completely thrown Off by the befuddled violinist, and plenty Of witty dialogue. Much Of this is accompanied by a lively, infectious panpipe melody. In all, an eleÂgantly filmed, outrageously delightful romp that has already taken its place among the screen’s great Comedy classics. Dubbed in English. 90 minutes Comedy